Sweet Wines

Eiswein Exquisit 2019

Sweet Wines

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This dessert wine is a sweet rarity. The frozen grapes used were harvested at temperatures of -7° C. It is a delicious aperitif and the perfect accompaniment to cheese or desserts.
Variety Grüner Veltliner
Cultivation Year round soil cover with plants and greens promoting beneficial insects on every second vine row. Additional cover on all vineyard areas for 8 months a year. Careful pruning and foliage work make for vigorous vines and moderate yield. Defoliation around the grapes keeps them healthy to the harvest.
Vinification Gentle pressing of the whole, frozen bunches over a span of 18 hours. Temperature controlled fermentation and maturation in stainless steal tanks. Fermentation is interrupted via cooling and filtration.
Quality Icewine
Alcohol 9,5% vol.
Available Bottle sizes 375 ml