Beerenauslese Muskat Ottonel wins bronze medal in Vinaria Trophy

Beerenauslese Muskat Ottonel 2013 convinced Vinaria’s jury and won the bronze medal in the category “Prädikatswein süß”

“Tolle Fülle, ausgereift, Birnen Pur, auch Orangen, etwas würziger Unterton; saftig, mittelgewichtig, viel Trauben, Nelken, knackig, wunderschöne Frucht, lang, mollig, dicht, samtig, lang.”

“Great mouthfeel, ripened, intense pear, orange as well, underlying spiciness, middle-bodied, intense grape aroma, cloves, luscious with wonderful fruityness, long, mouth-filling, tightly-knit, velvety and long”

We are more than pleased over this award: Not only is this the first bottling of this particular Beerenauslese. Also, the origin of this wine is very promising. It was only the second vintage ever from a lovely vineyard in Gols’ ‘Edelgrund’ (precious soil) location that resulted in this marvelous Beerenauslese. Hence we are expecting many more great  wines of this sort or even better!