About Us


The wine estate of Gebrüder Nittnaus lies on the eastern shore of Lake Neusiedl in the heart of Gols, and therefore at the centre of the wine region. Situated on the decline of the Parndorf Plateau towards Heideboden, Gols has been the home of many wine-producing businesses for centuries.

However, what is unique among the vineyards of the surrounding area is the balanced ratio of the red, white and sweet wines. Since the establishment of our wine estate, we have always maintained these three areas in equal measure, relatively uninfluenced by fashions and trends.

We have always placed a special emphasis on the utilisation and optimisation of existing buildings as part of our philosophy of sustainability. For this reason it is not possible to restrict our wine estate to one single location. Over the course of the years the original company building on the lower main street, Untere Hauptstraße, has become four locations with three traditional sandstone cellars.

We cultivate 57 hectares in Gols, spread out over more than 70 different vineyards. Almost two thirds of this area is planted with red wine, in particular with autochthonous varieties. We pay particular attention to the Zweigelt, but the Blaufränkisch also has a guaranteed place on our estate. International varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are also firmly rooted in suitable locations.

When it comes to the white wines, we carve out the diversity of the region just as precisely. We use the cool, moist “Obere Wies” vineyard for the aromatically fresh Sauvignon Blanc and produce a vibrant Chardonnay from the grapes of the warm Kurzberg vineyard. Thanks to long monitoring and the careful selection of vineyard locations, we are also able to produce Grüner Veltliner, Muskat Ottonel and Welschriesling wines of a very high quality, in the immediate surroundings of Gols.

There is a good reason why Gols is one of the largest wine-producing communities in Austria: Wines that are well-known for their extraordinary maturity, strength and richness flourish here. Hardly any other wine-producing region can boast of such diverse wine varieties as our hometown. Our wines range from fruity, fresh white wines through to substantial red wines and elegant sweet wines. This plethora is all thanks to the numerous different types of soil, in combination with the diverse micro-climate, which make Gols almost unique in the world.